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There are three main types of games that paintball players play. First thereis woodsball, a morelayed back and planned game. Then theres speedball, a more fast paced, think on your toes game. Finally theres pump, you have to pump the marker before you take a shot.
Woodsball: Woodsball takes a lot more patience and is more realistic in the "war" sense. The games can last up to 24 hours in a scenario game. A scenario game replays a real war battle. A famous one that is played is D-day. one team comes off the boats and tries to eliminate the other team. This game is played all over the united states and lasts for about 24 hours. There are many other games played in the woods, like, attack and defend, capture the flag, and civil war, just to name a few. There are other ones that people have made up on their own that found their way around the united states. If you are into getting down and dirty, and you like to be sneeky. woodsball is the game for you.

Speedball: Unlike woodsball, Speedball is a more face passed game. You have to be constantly moving or you will get shot. The object is to eliminate everyone on the opposing team, and grab the flag and bring it back to your end within the time limit. Guns can be shot up to 30 balls per second.The jerseys are usually very bright colors and tend to stick out. There are many different games for speedball, including:


~ 7-man= This means there are 7 men on each team. The object of the game is the same. But this usually tends to be longer. the moves that players make are more thought out and are more based on previous decesions.

~5-man= this is the same deal as 7-man but it takes less time and the moves are usually more floppy

~3-man= this is also the same deal, but there are rarely any moves. there are minimal bunkers and if you lose one player it usually costs you the game.


~5-man xball=This is more like hockey. There are two halfs to be played. Each 20 minutes long. You play as many games as you can in that period of time. Every time you win a game you get a point. At the end of the two halfs whoever has the most points wins.

~psp= There are two halfs in this as well, But if a team reaches 7 points firs then they win. They dont always have to use the full time they are given.


Both xball and PSP are played on a special board setting called PSP. this allows three balls to be shot at a time and is capped at 13 balls per second.



Pump: Before every shot you have to pump the gun. This type of game can be played on both the woodsball field and the speedball field. This game takes longer to complete because you can only shoot one ball at a time.
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