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Aliens are one of the biggest theories associated with UFOs. Aliens are said to be intelligent creatures from another planet. The three main types of aliens are Greys, Reptilians, and Hybrids.  
Types of Aliens


Greys are the most commonly sighted aliens. They usually have large heads and large eyes. They are described as having grey or green skin. In most accounts they are curious and scientific, but they are by no means considered as friendly or understanding of humans.


Reptilians are considered as the more nasty of the three main types of aliens. They are in some way seen as a superior race to the greys. They more aggressive and most accounts of sightings are bad.


Hybrids are crosses between aliens and humans. They're usually more Grey-human hybrids instead of Reptillian-human hybrids.

Aliens are often described as malevolent or evil. They can also be described as curious or scientific. This all depends o the the circumstance. They actual alien creature have many explanation as to what is really behind them. There is a special condition in which somebody can actually be awake and asleep at the same time. This causes you to see things in the real world that imaginary. There are too many accounts for this to be the only culprit, so there is either another explanation or the aliens may, in fact, be real.

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