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Cryptids are animals that have not been proved to be true, but have been seen and or heard by multiple people. There is a long list of cryptids, but they include bigfoot, the yeti, the loch ness monster, and chupacabra. Only one cryptid has been proven to be real: the giant squid. I have included these as paranormal because in ancient times they were considered to have supernatural origins.


The giant squid is the only cryptid that was proved to be true. Multiple evidence has been found and live ones have even been captured on photograph. They not as big as originally thought, although no one is sure how big they grow. The reason they stayed hidden for so long is that they live deep underwater and barely ever surface. They have the biggest eyes ever recorded (about a foot wide). In medievil times they were considered to be ominous and there were only said to be two in existence. They were known as the Kraken. These were huge octopuses that destroyed multiple ships and would die only when the world itself ended. It was said that the most damage occured when they went back into the sea, creating an enormous whirlpool.


Big foot is a creature said to look like an ape. It stands about seven to eight feet tall and has long hair all over it's body. Most sightings describe it walking on two legs, but some state it walks on all fours. It is one of the most known cryptids and nobody is sure if it is a dangerous or docile creature. Most commonly compared to the Yeti, or abominable snowman, no one is sure if it is fact or fiction.


The chupacabra is a creature in Mexico and the southern U.S that is said to suck the blood out of goats. It is said to be an ugly creature with red eyes that attacks goats at night time. It is also said to attack people and other animals. It is said to have sharp teeth to drain only the blood of it's prey. Farmers may often find dead goats with only teethmarks as evidence.



The Loch ness monster is a creature said in a lake in Scottland called Loch ness. It has been described as a strange creature with a neck-like extension and a hump visible from under water. This can be related to the ancient plesiosaur, a reptile from the dinosaur age.

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