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Multiple people have had experience with ghosts, a place where multiple experiences have happened is called haunted, below are a few stories of people's experiences.


I had to sleep over my grandmother's house one night, I was 7 years old, and I had to sleep in my grandmothers bed, which she hasn't slept in since the 80's when my granfather died. In the room there is a very retro typewriter. In the middle of the night I heard a noise, I woke up to find that the noise was the sound of the typewriter being typed on. I looked at the typewriter and the sound stopped. I went back to sleep, a few minutes later, the noise came back. I woke up looked around and the sound stopped. This event happened two more times until I got fed up with the noise and got out of bed and went to the typewriter, i tried to type on the keys and they were jammed. I went back to sleep and the noise came back. I was too scared so i left the room and went into another room. The next morning I went back into the room and looked at the typewriter, I pressed the keys and they weren't jammed. I was always too scared to go back into the room, until about a year ago. I tested the typewriter and it was fine. It was suspected to be my grandfather that was typing on the typewriter, maybe typing a message. Too bad there was no paper.

Source:I asked Vinny Ballirano to type this encounter on this site.

Picture Change

These two pictures were taken in a state penitentiary seconds away from eachother. As you can see, they appear to change, during the second picture(below), Apparently a chill went througn the room.

Above-first picture

Below-second picture

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