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Ghosts are commonly reffered to as to be people who have died but remained on earth. There are many different kinds of encounters, from noises to full-body apparitions.
Ghost sightings come in all different kinds, and can be classified into groups.


Full-body apparitions are ghosts that are seen as a full body. These are very rare but provide the best evidence. They are usually detailed or exactly like people, but usually dissapear in a strange way(ex. fading out, walking through walls or people).


Orbs are ghostly shapes that appear on pictures. They come in the shape of balls and have no logical explanation for how they got their. The only explanation could be dust on the lense but they can sometimes be in the shape of faces or even people.


Noises are voices or sounds that have no explained source. Thes can include tapping or screaming, people have even heard footsteps and breathing. Most are heard from right next to the person who experienced this.


Signs are marks left behind by spirits. These may be drawings or simply common items. Also the may form a sign out of something common.(right)

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