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These are a few sightings that have occured.


The Texas sightings were a numerous amount of sightings seen between Dallas and Stephenville. Mysterios lights were reported in the sky. The one thing that proves the validity of this sighting is that multiple people saw it at once.

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On May 30, 2005, a fighter jet was sighted following a UFO across the ocean. Eventually the triangular craft sped up and left the jet behind. The more strange thing was that the lights on the craft were milky white unlike the jet's lights.

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This abduction occured in Wales, England in November 10th 1997. A family was driving down the road when suddenly a purple craft joined itself to their car. The next memory they had that they were back on the road with a feeling of lost time. Some time later the father went to the dentist and an odd object was found in his top molar tooth. They were soon visited by air force personnel who told them never to speak of the event. It was only from the fact that they told their freind that it got on the internet.

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