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Release year : 2008
Label : St. Clair
Genre : Reggae

Artist : Bob Marley
Genre : Reggae
Label : Heartbeat
Release Year : 2006

Legend (1984)

You can never go wrong with a greatest hits album, and Legend is consistently ranked among the very best of them. All of the tracks are notable, and likely familiar to you, including "No Woman, No Cry", "Get Up, Stand Up", "One Love/People Get Ready", "I Shot The Sheriff" and "Jamming".

Uprising (1980)

This album is Marley's final studio album, released the year before his death. It was not a commercial success in the way that many of his other albums were, but it is a deeply religious and intense album, a peek into Bob Marley's soul. Notable tracks include "Redemption Song" and "Real Situation".

Exodus (1977)

This album was named the Album of the Century by Time Magazine, and for good reason... it's absolutely heartstoppingly brilliant from the first note to the last. All of the tracks have become classics, among them "Jamming", "Natural Mystic" and "One Love/People Get Ready".


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