The assignment that was given was to create a web site on a topic that the student picked out. I learned more about my topic that I did not know before this project. We were taught everything we needed to know about making websites in class. We were also taught Flash which is a program to make animations. We would go step-by-step in class with our teacher which helped us learn because we did it with him. The task in general was tricky at times. The most challenging aspects was creating the flash, and changing the settings of each pages. The flash was difficult because we did not spend a lot of time learning everything that we might have been able to use. The easiest part of the project was collecting the data from the different site and collecting pictures. With the completion of this task has helped me reach the learning expectations of 1.1, 1.2, 2.1. This has helped me as a student because I have learned something that is completely new to me and something I might have never learned.