John Lennon's Career

John Lennon was in many peoples' opinions the most talented song writer in The Beatles. He wrote many of their hits including "A Hard Day's Night", "Help!", and "Strawberry Feilds Forever". Many of the songs he wrote had personal meanings behind them. "Strawberry Feilds Forever" was written about a place that was called Strawberry Feilds. It was not a feild full of strawberries as many fans imagine it to be. This place was an orphanage home that John spent some of his days in. John noticed how many people would analyze The Beatles' lyrics. He wanted to give them a song that would not make much sense. This is when he wrote "I Am the Walrus". This song included many weird phrases such as "I am the eggman".

When The Beatles broke up, John Lennon continued to write songs. His most famous solo album was "Imagine" . It included ten songs, the most famous being "Imagine". It was a peaceful and classic song that many people remember to this day.

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