In this assignment I was asked to create a website on a topic of my choice. I chose to do my website about The Beatles. While creating this website I learned a few things I had not previously known. I learned how to add a background color to a website. In this project I learned how to link pictures. I also learned a few facts about the band that I had not already known.

In order to learn what I did in this assignment, I had to refer to my web design book. I also asked Mr. Herz many questions about what I was doing. The internet was another useful tool for me while I was creating my website. These three resources helped me to learn the information that I needed, and then I applied it to my website.

The most challenging aspect of this task was adding music to my website. I had planned to add mp3 files onto my website in order for songs by The Beatles to play in my website. I did not end up being able to do this. I asked for help from my teacher on how to do that, but he told me to find out from the internet. When on the internet I searched how to add music to a webpage. There were many options which included finding the mp3 you wanted first. Most sites to download music, along with proxy sites, are blocked on our school computers. This made it impossible for someone of my knowledge in this field to add music to my webpage.

The least challenging aspect of this task was finding information to include in my website. The Beatles are a favorite band of mine, which I know a lot about. Since I already had a lot of knowledge on their personal lives and their career’s, creating a website about the lives of the Beatles was simple for me. I used the internet to add in details about their lives which I did not know.

The completion of this task has helped me in many ways. One of them is that I now know how to operate and create websites. This will help me later on in my life if I decide to go into a technologically based job. I will have the tools to create websites. I think it is a very good thing to know how to do in our technologically based society.

The completion of this task has helped me advance as a student because my knowledge in the field of technology is greater. Before taking this course and doing this task I did not know much about creating websites. As an individual, my skills in technology are more advanced then they had been a few weeks prior to right now.

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