Ringo Starr
Richard Starkey was born on July 7, 1940, to Richard and Elsie Starkey. When he was three, his parents divorced. He moved in with his mother. Elsie remaired to a man named Harry Graves. As a young boy Richard was often sick and spent a lot of his time in hospitals. He suffered from things such as severe abdominal pains which turned out to be a ruptured apendix, lung complications, concussions, and he spent time in comas. Due to his hospitalizations, Richard was not doing well in school. At age fifteen, Richard dropped out of school. He had a few jobs before his stepfather bought him a drum set, and he began his musical career. Richard Starkey is not the name that many people know this man by. Richard Starkey is known to many people as Ringo Starr. His personal life was dedicated to a few different lucky ladies.
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