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Scenes From a Hat - The audience is asked to write down a bunch of different scenes they would like the actors to act out and they scenes are chosen from a hat.







Props - The cast is split up into two pairs and given a prop and they have to act out different scenarios involved with the prop





Weird Newscasters - All four actors act as a news b e given a weird personality that they have to act out that has to do with what job they are given, for example Ryan (who always does the weather report) might be given the role of John Wayne, he has to do the weather report as John Wayne.






Hoedown - This game is either played with all four actors, or three actors and Drew. With the assist of Laura Hall on the piano they each sing a hoedown about a specific topic chosen by the audience.






Irish Drinking Song - This game is played with all four actors, or three actors with Drew. The actors must sing and irish jig one line at a time with the help of Laura Hall on the Piano. This game can be very funny because the actors sometimes mess up their lines, messing up everyone else. Collin always makes the other crack up, stopping the song.






Newsflash - This game is played with Ryan, Collin, and the extra cast member. Collin acts as an on the scene reporter but he acts in front a green screen, he cant see what's on the green screen but the people at home and everyone else in the studio can see it on separate monitors. Ryan and the extra guest have to give Collin clues as to what is behind him on the Green Screen.







Infomercial - This game is usually played by Ryan and Collin. The two of them have to make an infomercial about a product that will usually help with someone's health. They are given a box of props and must use the props as parts of the product they are trying to sell.






Questions Only - All four actors play this game. Two of the actors start and act out a scene. But the twist is that they can only speak in questions. If they cant think of a question, they get buzzed and they must go back to the side, a new actor comes in. This can be very challenging.





Sound Effects - There are two variations of this game. Both versions are always played with Ryan and Collin . One way this game is played is with the audience, the other is played with just Ryan and Collin. The variations with the audience is started when Drew picks two people from the audience, they come down and supply sound effects to the scene Collin and Ryan act out. The other variation of this game, Collin acts out a scene but he doesn't talk, he just acts out and responds to Ryan's sound effects.






Improbable Mission - This game is played with Ryan and Collin. They act as secret agents/spies who are given a mission by one of the other actors, usually an everyday activity like mowing the lawn. Ryan and Collin act as if they have never done the mission before. This game shows a lot of creativity.




Party Quirks - This game is played with all four actors, one of the actors is hosting a party and the other three are given a strange personality and they must act it out. The actor that is the host of the party must try to guess who the personality is.



Greatest Hits - This game is played with either 3 or 4 actors, depending on the extra cast member. Ryan and Collin must try to advertise a new CD that's coming out about a certain topic, like hockey. They name different genres of music or an artist and a name of a fake song that goes along with the topic. Then Wayne (and extra guest, depending on who it is) must sing the song, in the style of music and make up words.



Let's Make A Date - This game is a lot like Party Quirks. The only difference is that instead of one actor hosting a party, that actor is acting like he/she is on a dating/bachelor game. they ask questions to the other three and they have to respond according to what the personality is.



Two Line Vocabulary - Played usually with Collin, Ryan, and one of the actors left. Ryan and the other actor can only say two lines which are given to them by Drew. Collin can say whatever he wants, but the other two must only say the two lines given to them.



Whose Line - Ryan and Collin usually play this game. What happens in this game is Ryan and Collin are given lines written on paper by the audience and they keep those lines in their pockets. Drew gives Ryan and Collin a scene and they act it out normally, anytime they want, they can bring out the lines in their pockets and say what it says. they have to act off of that.



Super heroes- This game is played with all four actors. Collin usually starts off to be joined later by the other three. The must then pick a crisis. Collin begins the scene and is later joined by Ryan. Collin gives Ryan an odd superhero name. The scene continues and then and extra cast member comes in and Ryan give him a name, then Wayne comes in and the extra cast member gives Wayne a name. They then leave in reverse order.

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