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For this assignment, we had to Create a web page about a favorite topic of ours. For my web page I chose Whose Line is it Anyway. From this task, i learned many things, i learned how to make a web page with many features on it, that was the interesting part of the class. I also learned how to make a flash animation which was the fun part of this class. In order to learn the content for this task, i had to work in the textbook the textbook taught me the basics to using Macromedia Dreamweaver. I also learned this content from getting advice from my friend Cory and advice from Mr. Herz. The most challenging aspect of this assignment was trying to get videos onto my web page. after a long time of stressing out, and getting mad, i finally figured out how to get videos onto this web site. Cory told me that he put his videos into mp4 format, and i had my videos in flv format. i found a web site that allowed me to convert my videos to mp4 for free. whish helped me a lot, but i finally got the videos to work. The least challenging aspect of this task was creating the web sites pages, this was easy because i knew exactly what i wanted and exactly where i wanted it. The completion of this task helped me to achieve the standards of 1.1 because i was able to communicate with others by talking about the show Whose Line Is It Anyway, i did not use any slang. I also achieved the standard of 1.4 because i was able to use most of Dreamweaver's features, i had no problems at all. I achieved the standards of 2.1 and 1.2 by competing this task, and make sure i had all the necessary parts needed for this web page, and i had additional items on there that we didn't learn. I also achieved the standards of 2.2 and 5.1 by respecting my classmates and Mr. Herz and i keep my work area clean. this task has helped me develop as a student by teaching to me to make web sites which can help in the long run for future presentations and my senior project, and in my future career, depending on what that may be.


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