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Robin Williams can be classified as a special guest and an extra cast, because he is a famous person and was an extra cast for one episode. In the episode he was in, he was his normal insane, crazy, and funny self. He made everyone including the cast laugh uncontrollably.



Kathy Griffin (special guest and extra cast member) was very funny and very talkative, she seemed as if she had been on the show before, but she was only on one episode. Her character in Weird Newscasters was very funny, and kind of close to her in real life.



Whoopi Goldberg (special guest and extra cast) was a lot like Brad Sherwood when she guest starred on the show. she was very funny, but used many dirty terms




Stephen Colbert (special guest and extra cast) was in a very funny episode. He was the main anchor in the game Weird Newscasters ironically.





Joan Laurer, former WWF superstar Chyna, was a special guest and in the episode she was in she played the game Living Scenery, and Dubbing. The actors were very attracted to her, she even had to make out with Collin and Ryan, what a lucky day for them.





Richard Simmons was the main theme of every game played on one episode. He actually guest starred in three games, Song Styles, Living Scenery and Moving People. In the other games that were played, he was either mentioned or impersonated. This is a favorite episode of many people.







Sid Caesar, also known as the coach on Grease, guest starred in one game, Translate. He knows a lot of different nationalities accents. He can act them out perfectly.







Neena and Veena are twin belly dancers who belly dance with giant pythons around their waist. They guest starred in two games, Song Styles, and Living Scenery. Wayne had to sing to them and while singing, Wayne didn't notice but one of the snakes almost bit his lower section. Ryan and Collin played Living Scenery with Neena and Veena they used the two girls as a vibrating bed.





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