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During Christiano’s Ronaldo’s childhood he played basketball instead of soccer and infact he was very good at basketball. Ronaldo’s father was a huge fan of soccer and soon convinced Ronaldo to try it and not only did Ronaldo enjoy playing  but he was damn good at it. Then when as a 17 year old he played high school soccer scouts saw his talent. Several teams were fighting to have Christiano on their team. He ended uo playing forManchester United. He played in 15 Champion leagues finals(same as World series, or finals or superbowl). Christiano Ronaldo is known as todays supperstar and one of the best soccer players ever. With Portugal Christiano Ronaldo scored several goals and had many assists. The reason why Portugal never one the World Cup is they didnt have enough good players around him. Christiano played so good for Manchester United that he was offered more than any soccer player ever 100 million dollars. Finally during the world cup he won 3 player of the year(like MVP)



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