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Dillon Michaud

Mr. Herz

Web Graphics and Design

08 January, 2010


In Web Graphics and Design class I had to create and design a website on my own and pick any subject to do it on, for a common task. I chose the Baltimore Ravens and Michael Oher because his life story is inspirational and he is a great offensive tackle. From completing this task, I learned how to make flash animations and I learned how to create web pages using Macromedia Dreamweaver. First I had to create a graphic organizer or page layout and work off of that. This process helped me to create the names of my web pages and the content in each of them.

This task had challenging aspects and some easy aspects. The most challenging aspect for me was making the works cited. This was so difficult because I’ve only had to make about two other works cited and I don’t have the best experience with it. The least challenging aspect was making the flash. It was the easiest part because I enjoy making flashes and it’s easy for me because I understand the system and can get creative with it.

By completing this task I met many goals. They were; 1.1 Communicate effectively using oral, written and technological formats. I met this goal by being able to write down the required information and communicate with the reader through my web pages. 1.2 Meet proficiency in content and applied learning standards as outlined in the Rhode Island High School Diploma System. I met this goal by following the page outline I created before this and working from that. I used the information and knowledge I've acquired prior to the task and applied it while making my website, which prepared me and made it easier. 1.4 Demonstrate the use of reasoning and problem solving skills and strategies through analysis and synthesis of data and information. I met this goal by solving problems that came up in the process of creating this website. 2.1 Demonstrate the behaviors and skills for independence and collaboration. I met this goal by completing this task independently and I’ve acquired skills earlier to be independent and collaborate in certain things. 2.2 Participate as a citizen in the local, national, and global community. I met this task by helping my fellow friends and community by providing them with information on Michael Oher and the Baltimore Ravens. This task helped me advance as an individual because it expanded my horizons and knowledge. I could possibly pursue this as a career and I already have a jump start having completed this task.

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