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Buddy the Elf

Buddy the Elf is the main character in Elf. Buddy crawls into Santa's bag thirty years prior to the movie itself. He grows up at the North Pole but when he learns that he is really a human, not an elf, he wants to go to New York City to find his father: Walter Hobbs. When Buddy first arrives in the "Big City," he is somewhat lost. He runs into taxis, sprays passion fruit spray in his mouth and is skeptical of elevators. He finds his father but his father does not believe that this elf is really his son. After a DNA test, Walter realizes that Buddy is his son and Buddy becomes part of the family enjoying many eccentric excursions throughout New York. Buddy loves snow, snowball fights, syrup, sugar and syrup in coffee while he works in mail rooms. Buddy is played by Will Ferrell.

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