Caring for a horse is a hard, full time job. The horse had to be exercised daily to keep it physically active and healthy. A proper acreage for one horse is about one acre fenced in. In bad, unhealthy weather the horse needs somewhere else to go besides under trees. Build a three sided small stable where the horse will have enough room to move around and also lay down. Proper bedding in the stable is vital to the horse’s health. Straw or dust free wood shavings work well to keep the horse comfortable and warm. There should always be a constant supply of fresh, clean water in the stable at all times. If the horse is in the stable all day, it should be cleaned out three times, but if he or she is outside all day, one time a day will do. To keep the horses natural body oils working to keep he or she warm, groom it every day, but don’t overdo it.

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