Everyone uses the internet at least once a day. But in this class, I was on the other side of the spectrum. I was making a website. I learned how to create different pages in the website so that all of the information could be organized into different categories. I learned how to create links from pictures to where they originally came from, and how to link web pages to other web pages in my entire web site. I also learned how to create a Flash where something moves and changes. Before completing my own web page, I learned all of the elements that I needed to use to complete this. I went through many exercises using the book and also with my teacher.

The hardest element of completing this task was creating the flash. This was because it is hard to make something in Flash do what you want it to do properly. The easiest part of this task was putting the information in to the web pages because after I researched everything, it took only a few moments to actually put it in the web page.

After completing this task I met standards 1.1, 1.2, 1.4, 2.1, and 2.2. I met standard 1.1 by communicating effectively using technological formats. I met standard 1.2, by being proficient in the work that I did. I met standard 1.4 by using my problem solving and reasoning skills to create the web site. I met standard 2.1 by working well independently on my own web site. Lastly, I met standard 2.2 by participating in the community using the internet so members of my school and community can view it. I will use these skills in the rest of my life by being more comfortable with technology and if I ever have to make a website, I will have the skills to do so.

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