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Jared Baptista

Mr. Herz

Web Design

20 January 2010

Patriots Website

For my website I had to create a website, I based mine off the New England Patriots. During this task we had to make a website from the two programs macromedia Dreamweaver and flash. I learned promptness and to get things done on time and how to use different computer programs. Also just all my computer skills have been improved by this class. For me to be able to learn how to use these programs I had to do class activities, bookwork and tests putting my knowledge to work.

The most challenging aspect in this task was making our flash and mine was of a football going through a field goal post. All the steps to make everything move is so complicated and precise and took a lot of time. The least challenging aspect in this task was linking the photos to all its websites and putting them onto my work cited.

During this assignment I had to use standard (1.1) by using a computer to complete my work. I also met standard (1.4) by using my problem solving to figure out the missing link in one of my pages. I used standard (2.2) by responsibly using a computer to finish this task. I used standard (2.1) by finishing this task all by myself with exceeding the standard. I used standard (1.2) by doing my practices in the past and learning how to use the programs correctly. I also used standard (5.1) by using resources from other websites to help my own success. I learned from this task how to use two new programs and that its necessary to do all class work. I could use this knowledge to make my own website.