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You hear lyrics everywhere! In your favorite song, on the computer, in music class, theres no escaping them! but who would want too? Lyrics are the foundation of what can make an incredible song! I like to think of lyrics as poetry with music which is another thing that makes lyrics even more incredible. Instead of just saying the words and trying to sound poetic you can sing them!


Although it seems as though anyone can write lyrics, they might not be as great as someone who has been writing their whole life, or someone who does it as a profession!








You might be shocked that someone could actually make a living off of writing lyrics when really MANY people have made a great living by writing so many hits for artists today! For example, some artists its easier to write music than lyrics, so they write the music and ask a lyricist to write them lyrics to go along with their song. Some very successful aritsts have had others write lyrics for them and then the lyricist also gets alot of money if the song is successful.