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Kelsey Galipeau

Mr. Herz

Web Design

20 January 2010

Lyrics and Poetry Reflection

Everyone’s been on a computer, searching sites to find information. Well what you didn’t know was that someone put a lot of time into the website that you may not care for or don’t think of anything else except the information you’re searching for. This is exactly what I did. I had to create a website on any topic I would like and write about it and make it unique. The goal was to get our website better than anyone else’s. Three skills I acquired by doing this task was, how to work flashes, how to organize information and to cite everything I get from another source. First we had to choose a topic, than we had to start our website! We worked on every part of the site we wanted to add for about 4 weeks or more. Lastly the website should be done so I saved it and now I can see it on the web.

The most challenging aspect of this task was creating the flash for my home page. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do and I’m not a master at working flash. Then I finally decided what I was going to do and created an amazing flash for my home page! The least challenging aspect of this task was deciding what my project was going to be on because I already had a pretty solid idea of how my website was going to look and what information I was going to put on it.

I met standards 1.1- Communicate effectively using oral, written, and technological formats, by using the computer to create my website and type my reflection. 1.2- Meet proficiency in content and applied learning standards as outlined in the Rhode Island High School Diploma System, by meeting proficiency on this task. 1.4- Demonstrate the use of reasoning and problem solving skills and strategies through analysis and synthesis of data and information, by researching more information about my topic and explaining it on my website making it easier to comprehend. 2.1- Demonstrate the behaviors and skills for independence and collaboration, by having to create my own website independently and problem solving the things that went wrong with it. Lastly, 2.2- Participate as a citizen in the local, national, and global community, by putting my design onto the World Wide Web, globally, around the world so everyone can see it. I learned that sometimes I have to try and figure things out on my own first before asking and then if I have a question I should ask and get extra help. I will apply this knowledge to every time I have a problem or a question.