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This task asked me to create a website with all the required components present and nothing missing. For example, no broken links should be present. The process I used to learn the information I needed to have for me to be able to complete this task completely and properly was by exceeding proficiency on the test that had to do with making a website. Also, I achieved a distinguished grade on my flash animation project which is very helpful because some sort of flash animation had to appear on my website. Also, I had to recall how to create a library from one of the chapters that I was taught. The most challenging aspect of this task was having to put in so many different components and keeping track of linking each new picture and each new piece of information. Also, I had to make sure that each page linked to the all other pages, but not itself. The least challenging aspects were the actual tasks of linking the pictures and information and figuring out what information I want to go on each page and how that information will be set up on each page. There were a few standards that I met by reaching proficiency on this task. These standards include 1.1, 1.2, 1.4, 2.1 and 2.2. For standard 1.1, I communicated affectively using technological formats by making a website with many key components, such as flash animation. Next, for standard 1.2, I met proficiency in applied learning standards, such as applying what I learned and was tested on by doing and completing this project with its many different components. Also, for standard 1.4, I demonstrated a use of reasoning and problem solving skills and strategies through analysis of the information. What this means is that when an obstacle came in my direction, I was able to analyze what I could have possibly done wrong and then fixed it from there. Then, for standard 2.1, I demonstrated a skill of independence because I was mostly on my own, except if I had a clarifying question hear and there. Lastly, for standard 2.2, I participated in my local community by making this website and having it up for many in this community to see. I learned a lot from this task. I will be able to carry out all of this knowledge out into the real world if ever I had to make a website for a project or if I just want to make one for my enjoyment. I also grew as a student because now I am able to create a website for a class if ever I need to in the near or far future.