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Learning something new is always a delight and a frustrating challenge. For this common task, I had to learn something completely new by designing a web page on a topic of my choice using everything I had learned this semester in web design. One skill I demonstrated throughout the completion of this task is the skill to use a computer well. I was able to use different programs of computer software in order to create my web page. Another skill I demonstrated was the ability to manage my time. I was given over a month to complete this web site, and I had to manage my time wisely and spread it out evenly throughout the given time period in order to get everything done in time. A third skill I used in this common task is creativity. This project was a contest among the other students in my class, whoever had the best website would get the highest grade. In order to have the best website, it had to be creative and unique among others in the class. In order to learn the content I needed to know to complete this common task, I had to pay attention to what we learned in class throughout the semester.

The most challenging part of this common task, for me, was trying to make it the best in the class. I had forgotten a few of the things we learned in the class, and I was a little worried that my web site would not stand out among the rest of the class. The least challenging part of this common task was choosing a topic for the web page. I chose my topic, puppies, because I like them, and I know a lot about them, so it was an easy topic for me to do.

By completing this common task, I achieved standard 1.1 by communicating through a technological format, my web page. I achieved standard 1.2 by achieving the standard in designing a web page and using computer programs proficiently. I achieved standard 1.4 by using problem solving and reasoning skills to figure out how I would be able to design a web page that stood out among my peers. I met standard 2.1 by working well by myself and with my peers by asking for advice and suggestions for my web page. I achieved standard 2.2 by learning how to create a web page, a skill that can help me participate in my community through the internet. By completing this task, I have learned that I can be really creative, and I also have good spatial intelligence. I was able to see what looks good on a web page, and how to make things look better to the potential viewer of the web page. I can apply this knowledge to my future when I am faced in artistic situations where I need to distinguish whether something will look good or if I ever need good spatial intelligence. Throughout the completion of this task, I have learned how challenging it can be to learn something new, but I have learned it can also be very rewarding.

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