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You should begin training your puppy anytime after five weeks. Whenever your puppy wants attention and wants to be petted, hold your hand about a foot above his nose and say, "(your dog's name), sit." Looking up is an essential step to sit. You can move your hand back over his ears, which makes him look up. Repetedly say, "Good sit" until he sits. Pet him with your other hand for praise. Repeat this command until he responds every time.

Going to the Bathroom

Dogs do not like to go to the bathroom where they eat, so if there is a certain spot where your puppy is going to the bathroom all the time, try putting his food there to prevent him from going there. Right after your dog finishes eating, take him outside and let him sniff around for a good spot. After he goes to the bathroom, point the the spot where he went and say, "Good dog." Praise him by petting him. Try to take your dog outside after eating or drinking, after waking up, even from a nap, after extreme excitement, after prolonged chewing on a toy, if he starts sniffing around for a good spot. After about four days, your dog should know to go to his spot to go to the bathroom when you take him outside. Most importantly, be patient while training your dog, it takes time for some dogs to learn to sit, stay, or go to the bathroom on command.


You can find dog schools or training classes in your area by searching on the web or in your local newspaper. PETCO also offers dog training classes if you have one in your area. If your dog seems impossible to train or you just need a helping hand, these training classes would be a good idea for you. They are usually very helpful and work well.
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