12 Metre

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There are twenty five of these boats in Newport, Rhode Island:

American Eagle "The Red Bird" (defender candidate for the America's Cup in 1964), America II (renamed Fiddler, different than the other America II), America II (nicknamed Lego because it looks like the 12 Metre that was used in the movie Wind), Columbia, Courageous, Defender, Easterner, Enterprise, Freedom, Gleam, Heritage, Hissar, Independence, Intrepid, Kiwi Magic, Liberty, Lionheart, Nefertiti (named after the Egyptian Queen), Northern Light (was under the name of Nereu when in the America's Cup), Onawa, USA, Valiant, Victory 83, Weatherly, and Wright on White. There was one other 12 Metre in Newport called the Mariner, was the defender candidate for the America's Cup in 1970, but was wrecked in Palm Beach, Florida in 1999.


The biggest 12 Metre ever made was by the name of Reliance. The sail area was 1,599 square meters, and had a crew of 64 men.

The 12 Metre's were originally 135 feet, but as time went on they were made 60-70 feet so that they were easier to sail and more manageable when racing .These boats weigh 65,000 pounds and can go as fast as 12 knots. They got their name 12 Metre by a certain formula that's used to make these boats. the formula is:

This means: L is the length of the boat+square root of the sail area (Sa)+girth measurement (2D)-freeboard (F) divided by 2.37 and it has to equal 12 Metres, if not then it can't be part of the 12 metre class.