Places to See in Narragansett

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Narragansett Town Beach is located in the center of Narragansett and is the most famous and popular of the many Narragansett Beaches.  It attracts many tourists and local residents each year.  Narragansett Beach is open from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.

What is offered at Narragansett Beach:

  • Seasonal Beach Button (for Narragansett Residents)
  • Seasonal Beach Button (for non-Narragansett Residents)
  • Cabana Package
  • North Pavillion Package
  • South Pavillion Locker

Point Judith Light House

  • In 1810, the first Lighthouse was built at Point Judith for $5,000.  When this lighthouse was destroyed in a hurricane in 1815, a new stone one was built in its place the following year.  There are many legends as to where the name "Point Judith" came from.  Some say that it was the mother-in-law of merchant, John Hull.  Others say that it was named after the Tribe of Judah in the Bible.

January 20, 2010 8:19 AM