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Dolphin is a mammal that is warm-blooded.So, it doesn't lay eggs and just give birth to a baby. From this characteristics, the Greek translate it to "womb fish."
Dolphins live in oceans but, they can be found in an aquarium.
They perform tricks, such as jumping, catching fish, and spinning. If you train them, they would understand these tricks and play.

(Source: Why are dolphin mammals?)

Emperior Penguins only lives in Antarctica.
It is the largest penguin, and the adult penguin stand almost 4ft tall, weigh 70 to 90 lbs.
The adult penguin and the baby penguin looks different in appearance.
When the female lays an egg, the male takes care it. After the chick hatches, they stay in their parents for protection and warmth. When they learn how to walk, they start to walk by its self.
Penguins couldn't fly, but these emperor penguins swim fast, it could swim 10-15 kilometers per hour.

(Source: Emperor Penguins)

Sea otter are sea animals that lives in Pacific Ocean especially in North America and Asia. Like dolphin, sea otter doesn't lay any eggs, that concern that they are mammals.
Sea otters swim by laying on its back. It has the most fur in all mammals.
Sea otters eat about 160 different types of food. One common one is a clam. Other shells they eat are mussels and scallops. They also eat sea animals like crabs, small octopus and starfish.

(Source: National Geographic)

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