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Zach Zuchowski
Mr. Herz
Web Graphics & Design
20 January 2010

Creating a Website Reflection

You look at websites every day, but do you really understand them? In this task I learned how to design and create a website, then made one. Three skills I acquired by completing this task were how to create a website using Dreamweaver, how to create an animation using Flash, and how to summarize information in a few concise sentences. The steps I used to complete this task were learning about Dreamweaver and Flash in class, creating a hierarchy chart of web pages in my site, then actually finding information, pictures, and creating my website.

The most challenging aspect of this task was writing the descriptions for each character and creator, because I had to work with limited information, and there were many characters to write about. The least challenging aspect of this task was creating the basic structure of the site, because even though it was tedious, I had it all planned out and it was simple, easy work.

I met many standards by completing this task. I met Standard 1.1, to communicate effectively using written and technological formats by writing about the characters and creators, and communicating technologically by creating a website. I met Standard 1.2, to meet proficiency in content and applied learning standards as outlined in the Rhode Island High School Diploma System, by creating a website with the proper format, i.e. a breadcrumb trail and a bottom global navigation bar. I met Standard 1.4, to demonstrate the use of reasoning and problem solving skills and strategies through analysis and synthesis of data and information, by using problem solving skills to solve problems, and synthesizing information to make a website. I met Standard 2.1, to demonstrate the behaviors and skills for independence and collaboration, by independently working on my website and not relying on Mr. Herz to help me too much. Finally, I met Standard 2.2, to participate as a citizen in the local, national, and global community, by making a website and putting it on the internet, which is worldwide. I learned that I need to focus if I want to get any work done, and I also learned to be responsible and stay after school to get extra time to complete my website. In the future, I will be able to focus and work harder, even with all the distractions a computer offers.

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