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For this common task in Web and Graphic design, my fellow students and I were required to create a website on a topic of our choosing. From this assignment I have learned a lot about using Macromedia Dreamweaver. This assignment also taught me how to create a web site on my own from scratch. The process of learning this was the teacher, Mr. Herz, explained to us how to create different aspects of the websites and then we would practice with example from the textbook this is what we did leading up to the common task. When we started the common task we were still allowed to ask questions, but for the most part we were independent. This process helped me to learn because we were still able to ask questions if we had to but were basically allowed to work at our own pace. I would have to say that, in my opinion, the most challenging part of the common task was learning Macromedia Flash because it is more complicated than it sounds. The easiest part was the research. I met standard 1.1 because my webpage’s in my website are consistent. Another standard I met was 1.4 because I used the tools of Dreamweaver with very little difficulty. I met standard 2.1 because I completed this task independently while collaborating with other students and my teacher. Standard 1.2 was achieved because I have more than two additional pages, there is a link on each page citing the source, there is a title for each page located in the web browser window, there is a global navigation bar on each page, I have multiple external links, more than 4 objects, I have a link under each object stating where I found it, and a flash. I achieved standard 2.2 because I respected the lab classmates and my teacher and I always left my station clean. Standard 5.1 was achieved because I used technology to locate evaluate and collect information from a variety of sources. As a student this project has helped me develop because it was challenging and I learned a lot of new things. This has helped me develop as an individual because now I have a new way to express my views on different topics.


Kylies reflection