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Alexander Wilson:
John James Audubon:
Reflection Although not as universally known as John James Audubon and his Audubon Society of Birds, Wilson was one of the first prominent ornithologists of America. His greatest works are the drawings and painting he did, often finding his subjects from "strolls", where he literally walked on foot across the country, looking for uncatalouged birds with an expert eye of an ornithologist. Audubon is widely known among ornithologists as the first man to attempt bird-banding, the process in which a bird's leg has a metal ring attached to the ankle, in order to track and observe them. Although not the first man to attempt noting every bird in America, he soon outdid and overtook the amount of work at which Wilson completed. Writing books and drawing life size pictures of North American birds, Audubon was the first to be widely credited with bird conservation, and today the Audubon society has saved hundreds of acres of land, dedicated to the bird;, the animals of his passion.
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