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Reflection on the Creation of a Website

            To assess and develop our abilities in creating websites and flash animations my Web Graphics and Design class completed a course task requiring us to create a website on a topic of our choice, containing a flash animation. Through my completion of this task, I have learned how to structure a website for optimum efficiency of navigation and to create a visually appealing individual web site using Dreamweaver. Further, I have learned to create flash animations. The project, also requiring research, has helped me to augment my research and citation abilities. The process used to learn the content used in this task was cumulative: we used much of what we had learned throughout the semester to complete the task. Each day in class, we received instruction on a particular topic regarding web page creation and were given assignments to practice. We were tested regularly to insure that we knew the required information well. Beginning in the second quarter of the semester, we were given the assignment for this project and independent work time to complete the task. I made sure to make the most of the time provided so as to be able to finish my project on time. Both independent evaluations and my instructor’s periodic advice helped me to improve my website and further develop my ability to use Dreamweaver. While students were expected to complete the project independently to cement our knowledge of the subject matter, the instructor was readily available when students were stuck or had questions.

The most challenging aspect for me was deciding the subject matter of my website. I at first had no topics in mind, but then had too many to choose from. Once I settled on a topic, the French language, the remainder of the task was quite simple for me. The least challenging aspect of the task for me was the research for the project, based on my previously-developed research abilities. I utilized multiple sources to make my portrayal of information as accurate as possible.

The completion of this task has helped me to Narragansett High School Academic Learning Expectations 1.1, 1.2 and 1.4 and Social and Civic Learning Expectations 2.1 and 2.2. I met expectation 1.1 by communicating my ideas on the website clearly in a written and technological format. I met expectation 1.2 by meeting proficiency with computer education standards for the state of Rhode Island. I met expectation 1.4 by using my problem solving skills to solve problems I faced with the technology used as I completed the task. I have met Social and Civic Learning Expectation 2.1, requiring that students demonstrate the behaviors and skills for independence and collaboration, by working independently in the process of website creation and collaborating with my instructor when I had questions. I have met expectation 2.2, participating as a citizen in the global community, but contributing my knowledge and research to the global body of information online. The completion of this project has helped me to develop as a student by providing me an opportunity with which to develop my technological abilities and skills. Learning how to create a website may be useful in and of itself in the future, or the technological skills I gained may help me in further educational endeavors. Regardless of whether I use the knowledge I have gained as a result of the completion of this task to create websites in the future, the technological skills I have developed will help me for many years to come.

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