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Why Learn French ?

1. French is a Global Language

French is an interconnected and global language, used by over 100 million people worldwide. It is an official language of over 50 countries and is spoken on five continents.

2. French is a Working Language of Nearly All Major International Organizations

French is one of the two working languages of the United Nations and carries equal weight in the organization’s business. All signs and services at the United Nations Headquarters in New York are shown in both English and French.

The European Union, an organization comprising 27 European nations, also has French and English as its two working languages. The EU parliament is located in France, and its main headquarters in the bilingual city of Brussels. In addition, virtually all other international organizations comprising a large portion of the world’s nations use French as an official language, including the International Red Cross and the International Olympic Committee.

3. French is the Second Most Common Language on the Internet

French-speaking countries contribute a large portion of the information available on the internet. The ability to read French opens new opportunities and sources of information that would otherwise be unavailable to researchers.

4.France is Technologically Advanced

French telecoms offered a pre-internet service to customers far before anything of the like was available to American consumers. Cell phone use in France is more common than in the United States, with more advanced networks and phones available. France is one of the largest contributors to science, engineering and medical research in the world, with such projects as the world’s largest particle accelerator, built by a EU institution along the French-Swiss border. This machine will provide research far-surpassing that of United States physics research in years to come.

5. France is the Cultural Leader of the World

Most identify France and the French language with high art and culture, but do not recognize just how monumental France’s contributions to cultural advancement are. Paris is a city to which artists and writers flock, and which houses the renowned Louvre Museum, along with innumerable other exhibits and galleries. French authors have received more Nobel Prizes in literature than the author’s of any other country in the world. For years to come, it is certain that French art, literature, culture, dance, fashion, music, film and cuisine will be among the best in the world.

6. France is a Prime Tourist Destination

Paris is the most often visited city in the world and France is among the most visited countries. Millions travel to France every year, for its culture, history, beaches and cities. Tourists in a foreign country would certainly agree that knowledge of the language makes the experience far better.

7. Learning French Will Enrich Your Knowledge of English

French Noble William the Conqueror invaded England in 1066 CE, becoming king and bringing his language with him. Ten thousand French words were injected into the English language. Even today, one third of all English words are of French origins, more than any other language. Thus, by learning French, your English vocabulary will most certainly increase.

8. Learning French Will Enhance Your University Studies

The vast amount of English vocabulary learned through French education has proven to be invaluable to sitters of the SAT. The CollegeBoard has affirmed that students with foreign language experience score significantly higher on standardized tests than those without. Further, due to the large portion of English words of French origin, it can be assumed that French is the most helpful modern language in preparation for standardized testing.

9. Learning French Will Enrich Your Career

Employers have long favored multi-lingual candidates and this will increase in the global society of today. Canada is the largest trading partner of the United States, and French is one of its two official languages. France and the United States have advanced trade relations also. Three thousand French companies have United States subsidiaries and knowledge of French is commonly a must for employment with these firms.

Home | Why Learn French? | France and the French World | French versus Spanish: The Truth | Reflection | Works Cited

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