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Fire: Well it can be useful. The undead are pretty flammable for some reason, so once they are on fire, they stay on fire. The problem is it takes a while for them to burn to death, so unless you literally have a wall or something to keep them away from you while they are on fire, they'll just come at you anyways and set you on fire while they are eating you.
Poison Gas: Well the thing is that zombies don't breathe or really use their lungs other than to moan so really don't even waste your time with this
Radiation: Maybe you could somehow shoot a zombies brain full of cancer, and all the tumors suddenly growing would kill it. What I do know is that when Russia tried it the zombies were then radioactive zombies and they poisoned water supplies. And then Chernobyl happened.
Regular poison: Again, zombies dont have a blood flow because they dont need air so this won't work
Explosives: These will and won't work. They will work against the human bandits in a class four situation. But against zombies they are mediocre at best.Explosives work bye either lighting things on fire or throwing shrapnel. With fire you'd be better off just lighitng them on fire the regular way. Shrapnel works by inflicting wounds that cripple people. Since zombies won't stop until you kill them, the only way shrapnel in going to be useful in by detontating a grenade right next to their heads. You would really be better off just using a rifle, or even throwing rocks.
Acid: If you get a moat and strong enough acid, this could be pretty useful. Highly situational, but useful as hell.
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