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The First Weapon

The human body, if you are strong and quick enough you can fight off and get away any zombie

Axes Axes can be quite useful. They have the swinging force to smash through a zombies skull. However, the same swinging force can throw you off balance if you miss, and then you are dead. Only use this
Hammers and drills These tools that almost all homes have. A drill will go straight through the zombies skull and basically blend the brains inside. A hammer has enough force to crack skulls. The only problem with these two is that they are very short range weapons. Unless the zombie is literally on top of yoou, there is no way you can bring these to bear.
Chainsaw Oh yes. The epic zombie killing machine. Actually its horrible for zombie killing.The chainsaw is dangerous enough when its being used in the way it is intended, as a wood cutter. In the heat of battle, waving a 15-pound whirring machine of death around is gonna cause accidents. Ever seen Dawn of Dead? That part in the bus where they lose control of the chainsaw and like three people die at once and it makes them crash? Yeah, that'll happen if you use a chainsaw. Besides the obvious danger of using a chainsaw, do you really want to be using a ridiculously loud weapon theat could stop working do to internal failure and uses gas as its primary fuel source for a melee weapon. If you seriously want to use a chainsaw, you must literally be retarded.
Swords Swords are the generic human weapon. We see them all the time in movies, books, etc. However, it is one of the more useless weapons against zombies. Skulls are very hard, and swords aren't really meant for hack and slash anyways, so the odds of the sword getting through the skull are very low. However, if you happen to be an expert fencer, several people have stabbed through the eye socket and then swirled the sword around, mashing the brains inside. Other than that, however, the sword is a useless tool.


Spears, pikes, trident all serve to skewer a zombie, keeping it away from you but not necessarily killing it.

Trench spike

Basically brass knuckles with a giant spike attached to the end, it was designed for trench to trench fighting in ww1, where it was designed to go straight through steel helmets. If you can get a replica made or even one of the original devices, you have your close combat weapon.

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