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Class One Basically the minor outbreak. At most, 50 zombies, usually in rural areas, covering about 50 square miles. Organized resistance will be light, mostly just civilians, and depending on the location of the outbreak, the police may get involved as well
Class Two: This is the most dangerous outbreak, as, if left unchecked, it can grow into a Class Three, or even a Class Four. Near the cities, typically in the suburbs. There could be upwards of 3-400 zombies to start, and the numbers could swell to way over that number. Organized resistance will be local armed forces and the national guard, maybe the full military. Class One outbreaks aren't near enough to population centers to do true damage. Class Two outbreaks tend to be right next to them.
Class Three Thousands of Zombies. In a city. Mass evacuations. Panic. Government claiming mass hysteria. This is a Class Three outbreak, and the one you should be prepared for. Government response will be massive. They will order Media blackouts, and heavy military force will be used.
Class Four The doomsday scenario. Zombies kill everyone. Countries and governments collapse. Total anarchy in the few holdout cities. Millions flock to deserted places to escape, and the zombies follow them. In a class four outbreak, nowhere is safe. The only hope for you is if you happen to go to a deserted place, like an island,, and if you can get enough people to go with you, you can take this island and hold it until most of the zombies are rotted away, after about 20-30 years. That's when you start re-colonising, usually along the islands.
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