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How to kill them By destroying the brain. Cutting off the head will work in the short term, but the jaw can still be operated so yeah that won't really work. So kill the zombies (by shooting them in the head)
The Infection The infection that creates zombies is a virus. It enters through a bite wound or scratch, and multiplies quickly until it reaches the frontal lobe. Once there, the virus takes over, mutates the body and brain. All memories are erased by this process, and once arisen, the human has only one objective: to kill and eat others, infecting them in the process.
The reanimation process

The virus does not literally raise people from the dead.It needs a blood flow to even reach the brain, and tests have shown even injected directly into a dead brain, it has no effect. Basically, to doctors, it looks like a regular infection of some sort that turns to the worse

Hour One: Infection

Hours 2-5: Beyond a giant bite wound, the patient appears fine.

Hours 6-11: Patient develops a fever. It is at this point that most people go to the doctor.

Hours 12-18: Patient gets worse and worse as his immune system goes crazy against the virus

Hours 19-22: Heart slows to the point where it is undetectable as patient slips into a coma. Patient declared dead

Hours 23-24: Reanimation

Is there a cure No. There is no way to beat down viruses with medicine other than with immunization, and even one cell of the virus will lead to full blown infection so thats out. If you are bitten on an extremity, say, a hand or on the leg, amputatation within a minute has up to a 6% succes rate.
Physical Abilities

The virus does not add new abilities to the body. Imagine the human body is a toolbox. The virus can discover new tools in the toolbox, or use them iin unconventional ways. But its not like zombies can suddenly fly, unless of course the body it infected could. However, that doesn't mean you are necesarilly safe if you put a barricade that would stop a normal person. First of all, zombies never tire. A single zombie will be able to get through a boarricade that wouldve stopped 4 men, simply because it would never stop hitting it with full force. Also, have you heard about those people who suddenly got crazy strong under pressure, like the guy that threw a 600 pound boulder with crushed hands, or the lady who picked a car up off her kid.Well some zombies figure out how to access this strength, and they will smash through a concrete wall. Fortunately, they only live a week at the most, due to the fact the although your muscles might be strong enough to throw a car, the reason you can't do that right now is that you're bones and tendons wouldn't survive. So hulk zombies won't last long.


Sight: Appears to work just like regular human sight

Hearing: Rely more on hearing than humans do, so although they don't hear better, they are more likely to notice little sounds, like a displaced rock by your foot.

Smell: They smell terrible! Ha! No, but seriously, they can smell things until there nose rots off.

Taste: For some reason, they always go after people. Supposedly we're delicious to them.

Feel: They can't feel, they have no pain, they don't eat, they don't sleep. They are unstoppable.

Sixth sense: Even with all their senses detroyed, zombies can still fight. They somehow operate perfectly in the dark. Supposedly they have unlocked some sixth sense we have forgotten.

Outbreak classes The level of outbreaks is decided by outbreak classes
Decomposing The Solanum virus is highly infectious and infects everything. Animals have a sense that warns them if something is infected by the virus, so they never eat dead bodies. And neither will bacteria. With decomposing bacteria not helping the body to fall apart, zombies can last 10-20 years before they just fall apart
Freezing Zombies are able to survive being frozen somehow. Frostbite does not affect them, which means that somehow, the water molecules in a zombie dont expand as they are frozen. However, they do stop falling apart when frozen solid, leading to repeated attacks as zombies thaw out in the spring then freeze again for the winter, leading to a cycle of infections.
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