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There are many weapons in the world. This guide will help you decide which are the best weapons to use for wich situation

Ranged Weapons: Guns, crossbows, etc. You will always want one of these, along with at least one silent ranged weapon, like a bow, if you are in a group. Long range weapon will make your life a hell of a lot easier, dropping the zombies from afar is a lot less risky than at melee range.

Melee Weapons:Again you always want one of these, as hitting a zombie with a gun could break your gun, and then you'll be screwed. Ranging from swords to sledgehammers, everyone needs something for when it gets up close and personal.

Alternative Weapons: There are a lot of things in the world that kill people that aren't technically weapons. This guide will explain will explain which can be useful and which are useless, ranging from fire to poison gas.

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