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When dealing with zombies remember one thing: they want to kill and eat you. They have no memories of their previous life. Attempting to be friends, or to teach them, will result in a very quick death for you, followed by a long undeath. Now thats been covered, we will move on to what you should do if the zombies come near you. There are three basic plans when dealing with zombies. Going

on the offense, or finding a safe place to defend yourself at. Always remember, no matter how cute they appear to be, do not approach. Shoot them down. What little we know about them shows they are remorseless machines. Imagine they are a computer. This computer can only perform one task, over and over again. It cannot be reprogrammed, or shut down. It does not need any source of power. The only way to stop it from performing this task is to destroy it.

Monday, January 25, 2010 10:35 AM

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