German Shepherds Reflection
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How do you make a website? What would you make a website about? For this common task, I was told to create a website with multiple pages on one topic, of which I was able to choose. For my topic, I chose German Shepherd Dogs, both because they are my favorite breed of dog and that the dog is widly known for it's strength, intelligence, and beauty. In order to find information on this task, i had to both search the wab and read up on the subject as well as use the Macromedia dreamweaver book for assistance.

There were many different levels of difficulty in this common task. For instance, what I beleive to be the hardest part of the project was organizing the design of the web site. In order to keep the design organized and neat, the pages had to be simple, easy to read, and had to be coordinated. The organization of each page had to be similar in design to the next page, keeping the website consistant. without consistancy, the webpage would look sloppy and out of place. What I believe to be the easiest part was finding the pictures and information. Pictures could be found simply by searching through Google which had many links to other websites that contain images relating to your topic. Information could not only be found in the same way pictures can, but can be found in books that contain facts about breeds.

By completing this common task I met specific standards in this task. The standards I met were 1.1, 1.2, 1.4, 2.1, and 2.2. In this common task I learned how to create a fully working website that is veiwable and accesable by most people. I also learned much about the topic I chose. I will hopfully use the information i have learned in the future by creating websights for buisness, projects, or important topics.

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