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Chris McCooey

Mr. Herz

Web Graphics and Design

11 January 2010


Website Reflection


For this common task I had to create a website using Macromedia Dreamweaver. I had to choose a topic for my website to be about. My website was based on all the games I have designed. I learned how to use the program Dreamweaver and how it can be used to make professional-looking websites. The most challenging aspect of this common task was making the work Cited Page and finding something to site. My website had very little images and information that came from other sources. All the flashes and images I created. Most of the pictures were screenshots of my games. The least challenging aspect of this common task was making the webpages. It was easy because all I had to do was copy the empty tables and use them on all the webpages. I met standard 1.2 by meeting proficiency in content and applied learning standards as outlined in the Rhode Island High School Diploma System because I met proficiency on this task. I met standard 1.1 by communicate effectively using written and technological formats because I had to explain what my website was about on the computer. I met standard 2.1 by demonstrating the behaviors and skills for independence because I worked independently on this task. I met standard 2.2 by participating as a citizen in the local, national, and global community because I put this website on the worldwide web. This common task helped me learn how to create a website.