The Way Things Work
The Way Things Work is a five-piece alternative rock band from the south county area of little Rhode Island. Members Matthew Gustaitis and Connor Fisher met in drivers ed in fall of 2007. They soon realized they had a common interest in music and decided to begin a band together. Matt, having been in a separate band at the time, brought in Liam Wright-Hoyt from that band [Off Target] to play guitar for this new and exciting side project. After months of planning and asking around they began practicing as a full five piece band. Only a month after starting practicing, they played their first show with the name "Anertia". This name stuck around for a couple months until member changes inspired the current title "The Way Things Work". Those new members are Cody Silander and Jack Mills. The band had met Cody at a few of their shows, and heard he was an excellent drummer, so they gave him a try out and found that both his drumming and personality fit perfectly into the mix. A few months after TWTW decided to bring in Jack Mills, a guitarist in Cody's other band, to play bass. After member, name and sound changes, The Way Things Work are now complete. With Connor Fisher on vocals, Matt Gustaitis and Liam Wright-Hoyt on guitar, Jack Mills on Bass and Cody Silander on drums, TWTW is now playing, writing and soon recording as a strong willed, passionate band. They love playing shows, so BOOK EM! :)