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Creating a website at first seemed as though the task would be too hard to complete, but as time went I learned how easy it was to apply what I learned in class, into my website. Using both Dreamweaver and Flash programs I believe a successfully created a well working website. The most challenging part about creating my website was putting the sight in a logical order that would make sense to anyone looking at it. I wanted to make sure the site was easy to guide through, and that navigating to each page was clear and consistent. The easiest part of creating my website was the look and design of the website. I knew what I wanted my website to look like; I just had to use the tools that I was given to create a website that matched my vision. The completion of this task has helped me to complete the expectations 1.1, 1.2 and 1.4 and Social and Civic Learning Expectations 2.1 and 2.2. I met expectation 1.1 by communicating my ideas on the website clearly in a written and technological format. I met expectation 1.2 by meeting proficiency with computer education standards for Rhode Island. I met expectation 1.4 by using problem solving skills to solve problems I found while creating my website. I have met Social and Civic Learning Expectation 2.1, requiring that students demonstrate the behaviors and skills for independence and collaboration, by working independently on creating a unique website, and using my teacher help when I found it necessary. I have met expectation 2.2, participating as a citizen in the global community, by creating a resource that can be shared to help other individuals. Creating this website has helped me learn to work individually, and I found that I could problem solve and figure out how to use a fairly new program that I am not completely familiar with. Hopefully I can use this knowledge in my future to successfully make another website, if not I am proud that I completed this project to the best of my abilities.

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