Common Names

.Venus fly trap


.American pitcher plants

.Tropical pitcher plants


.Sun pitchers

.Cobra lily

.Australian Pitcher

.Work Cited



Drew Gatewood

Mr. Herz

Web and Graphics Design

21 January 2010


Do you know how to make a web site? well throughout this class and project i have learned how to. During this project i had to create a web site with a topic of my choice, i chose carnivorous plants.To reach proficiency on this project i had to reach certain standards. I met standard 1.2 by meeting proficiency in content and applied learning standards as outlined in the Rhode Island High School Diploma System because I met proficiency on this task. I met standard 1.1 by communicate effectively using written and technological formats because I had to explain what my web site was about on a word processing program. I met standard 2.1 by demonstrating the behaviors and skills for independence because I worked by my self on this task. I met standard 2.2 by participating as a citizen in the local, national, and global community because I put this web site on the worldwide web. This common task helped me learn how to create a web site and work independently.

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