Sun pitchers


Common Names

.Venus fly trap


.American pitcher plants

.Tropical pitcher plants


.Sun pitchers

.Cobra lily

.Australian Pitcher


.Work Cited



Basic Information - The Sun pitcher plant ,Heliamphora, grows at high elevations on top of the cloudy Tepuis in Venezuela. The pitchers secrete a sweet smelling fluid and they have bright coloreds that attract the bugs. then the land on the rim the fall in an get digested in a "soup" of digestive fluids.

Lighting-Here in new england these pitchers will not grow outside but in a warmer more humid climate they will. these can be replicated by using a terrarium.

Soil- A mixture of 40% perlite and 60% long fiber sphagnum works well and the ratios can be varied as long as drainage is good and the media doesn't’t dry out too frequently. Keep the growing crown above soil level when transplanting and do not allow live moss to cover the crown

Dormancy-All Heliamphora can grow year round without any dormancy but will require a small drop in temp over night in the cooler months as long as your terrarium is near a window it will be fine.

Feeding- Sun pitchers can handel themselves but will enjoy a small snack. Once again NO people food.

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