Australian pitcher (Cephalotus)

Common Names

.Venus fly trap


.American Pitcher Plants

.Tropical pitcher plants


.Sun pitchers

.Cobra lily

.Australian Pitcher


.Work Cited



Basic Information - Australian pitcher are as you all guessed from australia. They love the heat and humidity, and if you don't replicate the conditions for them they will not grow well.

Lighting- They will do best in a 10 gal terrarium under lights. I use 1 - 40 watt 67,000K / 10,000K Sunpaq bulb and 1 - 15 watt Flora Sun bulb. Keep the terrarium around 50% and + for humidity and keep it around 75°F.

Soil- they will grow best in a mix of peat moss, long fiber sphagnum, and perlite

Dormancy- Dormancy is not required for these.

Feeding- It is not necessary to feed your plants they can flourish just using Photosynthesis but fly's are always a boost in growth.

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