pitcher plants


Common Names

.Venus fly trap


.American pitcher plants

.Tropical pitcher plants


.Sun pitchers

.Cobra lily

.Australian Pitcher


.Work Cited



Basic Information - The Tropical pitcher plant are native to Asia, India, Madagascar, and Australia. The pitchers secrete a sweet smelling fluid and they have bright colors that attract the bugs. then the land on the rim the fall in an get digested in a "soup" of digestive fluids.

Lighting-Here in new england these pitchers will not grow outside but in a warmer more humid climate they will. these can be replicated by using a terrarium.

Soil- Peat moss, perlite, and LFS. But there not to picky i have had success with just live Sphagnum moss.

Dormancy-All nepenthe scan grow year round without any dormancy but will require a drop in temp over night. in the cooler months as long as your terrarium is near a window.

Feeding- Once again it is not necessary but these cannot handle the quantity of bugs many others can to limit there intake. Once again NO people food.

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