Common Names

.Venus fly trap


.American Pitcher Plants

.Tropical pitcher plants


.Sun pitchers

.Cobra lily

.Australian Pitcher


.Work Cited




Basic Information - Butterworts or pings for short are native much of the Northern Hemisphere, from the Arctic Circle down through Europe, Siberia, and North America. Many spectacular forms exist in Mexico (mexican pings). South America also has a few species.

Lighting- If you are keeping them in a place that does not have good ping comditions a terrarium will work well under a grow ligth with at least 6500 k. Sunny windows work well too.

Soil- I have had the best luck with equal parts of peat moss, long fiber sphagnum, perlite, and vermiculite. Top 1/4" of soil is pure vermiculite

Dormancy- Pings do not need to go through a dormancy but need a drop in temperature during the winter months. that's why a window works well

Feeding- pings do not need to be fed they are natures fly paper though and can feed themselves.

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