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The Script is a band of three talented musicians originating from Ireland. Their music is known as "Celtic Soul", and blends today'spopular hip hop lyrical flow with the melodies of pop and R n'B. The began first began when Danny and Mark met in their early teens in downtown Dublin through a mutual interest in music. They almost immediately struck up a friendship, as well as a songwriting and production partnership. Their talent was discovered early into their career, and the two were invited to the United States to collaborate with some of the most well-known names in the biz, including Dallas Austin and Teddy Riley. They worked their way up, first creating demos for other artists, but everything changed when they met fellow irishman and The Script's current drummer, Glen. "Individually, we all had our own talents, but together it just went to another level," Danny has stated.

And so, The Script was born.

The trio's debut single, We Cry, was released by Phonogenic/ SonyBMG in April 2008 and reached #13 in the UK charts the following month.

Danny O'Donoghue
Mark Sheehan
Glen Power

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