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Danny O'Donoghue

Lead Vocals and Keyboardist for The Script

Born October 3, 1980 in Dublin Ireland


"The truth is, I spent a lot of my childhood singing when the other kids were outside playing football and getting into trouble."

"Irish people have soul," according to Danny. "It comes from generations of pain, and generations of understanding emotion to be able to physically get that in a solid sound."


"One day I heard Stevie Wonder singing and the hairs on the back of my neck went up," says Danny. "I didn't even know people could sing like that, I'd never heard the acrobatics of it before." He spent years in his bedroom, practising vocal licks. "I'd try and emulate all those records, even down to string arrangements. Some of the best singers have emulated a musical instrument - Amy Winehouse is a saxophone - but the violin is the one for me, the vibrato, you can bring so much heartfelt emotion in."


“There is something about the way a voice encapsulates a person," says Mark. "The way Danny sings, the raw emotion, when you hear it in front of you, you cannot deny the power."


"Individually, we all had our own talents, but together it just went to another level," according to Danny.


"That was pulling on my heart strings in a big way," admits Danny. "Lyrically it was pouring out of me."


"I came home so that Mark could spend time with his mum, little did I know that I was actually getting to spend that precious time with my dad," reveals Danny. "But then amidst all this travesty and disaster, these songs have risen out of it. That was the time when it finally came home to me how important music was to me, cos in my darkest moments that's what got me through."


"There is not a lot of hope in the song, cause not everybody's life is full of hope," explains Danny.

"There's not always roses at the end. But out of all these things that have gone wrong in our lives and everybody else's lives, the message is 'together we cry'. Because as long as we're here together then we can find a way to share the burden."

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